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Your coach is The person you want to talk to.

 They are responsible for how their team is run with a few exceptions. You can contact them anytime. even Sunday at 6:30 am. 

Traveling with your team is not manditory. Your coach will recommend events and prepare a trip if there is interest and enough time to prepare

You gotta fill out all this stuff.

What athletes get.

We are here to make this thing happen.

we are not travel agents and parenting experts

We try our hardest to accommodate everyones needs and keep costs as low as possible

Stuff you should read but don't have to but probably should.

what your fees support.

You gotta get this too.

Athletes Registered for our programs must be a member of BC Snowboard. Basic membership if you are not competing provincial level and Advanced if you are. 

typical coaching days consist of:

Athlete meet up and discuss day.     10 am 

Warm up runs

Specific training for conditions           Lunch

throw down, film , asses, repeat

cool down, reflect, high-five               4 pm

athlete fund, coach salary, admin cost, event travel planning, marketing, sustainability

directors liability, sanctioning, insurance, incorporation, board meetings.