Sometimes it rains. we go to the hill anyway cus its still snowboarding. If we're totes soaked and its supper yuck then yea we'll call it but the coach will always be be there. So make sure you show up or let the coach know your gonna stay home and play video games. 


Everyone wants a new pair of boots but if they don't fit its gonna suck. Coaches can help athletes choose the right gear for their riding needs. Function over fashion. 

You don't need the fastest Banana of the dopest suspenders but you need to stay dry and have good vision. if you cant see you cant well.... get some good goggles. And don't forget to wax. You can get an iron from any Thrift store for like 2 bucks... no excuses. 

Training days

Regular Training days start at 10 am . ​We start at 10 because lets be real. Its Snowboarding and its the weekend. If its a pow day you know when to meet. 

Coaches will create sessions based on their teams needs, upcoming contests and of course pow days

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We encourage our riders to compete. We are not expecting results or have expectations for first events. Its about getting experience and giving the coach some feedback about where the riding is really at in the moment. 

We will only encourage athletes that are ready for events and make sure they have the skills to feel good about their commitment. 


Passes during Training days and at events are the Athletes responsibility. as a member of BC snowboard and activly competeing you may qualify for Can West passes, These allow you access to all the resorts in western Canada 

helmets and concussion

Helmets are mandatory for athletes and coaches. For athletes that have suffered from concussion we recommend using a mouthguard. We leave it up to the doctors to give riders clearance after any injury from the sport or any for that matter. It is important that your coach knows about injury and complications. 

If concussion or any other serious injury is suspected the coach will pull the rider from events and training. sometimes this is hard on the athletes but 9 times out of 10 the athlete is thankful at the end of the day. 


For camps and events at other resorts the coaches and directors will create a cost estimate based on a number of athletes attending. sometimes these can be short notice as it can take some time to create costs and get commitment from athletes. 

We do our best to get all the sweet deals we can get. cost include accommodation,fuel,van rental,flights,taxi, and limousine 

Drivers must have class 4 or be a parent or guardian. We recommend parents travel and book accommodation for their crew if they are 12 and under. 13 and over we should be close to leaving mommy and daddy at home. Besides, who doesn't want a little peace around the house. 

We do our best to manage the situations that can arise when you travel with a bunch of snowboarders. We have a no use policy. no boozin no tokin no chewin no smokin. If athletes are breakin the law we do things like pulling them from events and sending them home and locking boards in the van on a pow day. And we do not negotiate with Terrorists. Terrorizors can effect the whole teams performance. We will intervene whenever possible .